ASTAT – vertical arms racing frame! (5 inch) *Exclusive to DroneSportz*

899,00kr inkl moms/VAT included




No matter if you are about to take up racing, are an intermediate or a top rated racer – this frame will allow you to press on further.

It’s vertical arms will give you more and more grip in the air the faster you go, and that with less drag than most frames!

It’s a slightly stretched X giving you that extra control for technical parts but still feels rock solid in a straight line – no matter the speed.

It comes with 3 support bars to spread the force of an impact to more than one arm. A 4th can be added if you want to add to that effect further.

Top mounted battery makes the bottom into a big flat and raises the chance of ending up belly down after crashes conciderably.

Get back into the fight quicker after having lost less time!

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Top of the line racing frame




Roger, rsfpv on instagram, designed the ASTAT with a longer top plate than bottom plate to keep the body snug but still leave space for a battery up there and a VTX or rx mounted under it in the back. The result?

A beautiful and capable frame that can take a beating – and you to the podium.

Try it out, you are gonna feel the difference in your sticks and more importantly – see it on your lap times.

ASTAT is the Swedish name for Astatine, the rarest element on the planet. Even when you do find it, it’s gone again in no time. Just like getting your eyes on one of these in the air at a track.

Be prepaired for it on the next lap! (and sooner than what seems reasonable for the pilot flying it) ^^

Batch 1 is here and will sell out fast now as much of it is pre booked so hurry up!

Batch 2 should be here during the 3rd or 4th week of september.

And DroneSportz proudly adds this frame to our growing shop as it fits what we want to be perfectly! Close to the community, good FOR the community. If you are a pilot with a good idea for a product and have a prototype or an already ready product, let us know, we might be able to help you get it to market.

You will find your ASTAT here and only here,

and you will know this frame is a brain child of a FPV pilot when you build your quad on it.

And even more so when flying it.

RSFPV ( ) lives south of Stockholm in Sweden and is very interested in 3d design and Quad/Drone flying. I know him from the group of pilots that took me in as I started FPV and have seen earlier designs he has done. So when this one was presented to me I knew he had come up with something that would fit DroneSportz perfectly – and that he had a product many would want.

Just look at it. How could you not want that?

“I do, I do! But, how does it perform IRL?” you might say.

And right you are to wonder.

Specs and looks mean nothing when it comes to a racer, only 3 things does:

  1. Does it conform to the rules so it CAN be raced? CHECK
  2. Can it take a beating and come back for more directly? Or at least within 10 minutes of work being done on it if you actually DID break something? CHECK
  3. Does it make you faster and does it have the potential to let you reach your goals as a pilot? CHECK

5 weeks I flew my prototype, about 500 packs in training and for race days, and I now know that those CHECKs are valid. I now have 2 ready ASTATs in my personal fleet and am in the process of getting this frame into the hands of someone really fast. Soon you will see it flown by a top tier Swedish racer, and in international racing as well hopefully. Get yours now, or at least in good time to train with it and be ready for the season of 2020.

I’m no champion FPV pilot but this frame made me take a big leap in training, and I already flew a frame I loved before.

Now it’s up to me to translate that leap into race day results. You should be able to concentrate on that part as well with a frame that leaves all control to you and does what it is told, don’t you think?

Use #ASTATframe if you post yours om instagram or if you’re looking for it there.

Any input is welcome from ASTAT pilots and will be taken into account for the future in development and sales or customer support.

Get yours now!

You will be one of few who can say that you’ve been flying RSFPV’s from DroneSportz since batch one or two of the ASTAT frame “waaaay back in 2019” – one day. 😉


  • Next gen FPV 5inch racing frame with vertical arms and box supports. Tracks better, with less drift off from the intended arch.
  • Rigid and well suported 3mm top and bottom plates, both seated on 8! points.
  • Any frame part can be changed in 10 minutes on a ready quad. Out in the field. It’s a racer, and next heat coming up should have you AND your quad ready to go.
  • All arms identical, and 2 different lengths of support struts makes for few parts needed in your repair kit.
  • 3d printed parts to hold motor plates and camera is printed in 98A flex. (hard flex) 1 set included.
  • Distance between motors front and back: 175mm
  • Distance between motors left and right: 153mm
  • Distance between motors diagonally: 233mm
  • Total weight: 95g (100g with 4 support struts)
  • Fits 5.1 inch props (up to 6! inch with bottom mounted battery, for the wild and crazy)
  • Low center of gravity with prop line above the top plate to allow for top mounted battery
  • Arms that protect your motors from impacts by stopping or deflecting the force.
  • Designed in Sweden by an in community pilot
  • All bolts in top and bottom plate lowered flush


(with 2 extra arms and a couple of front and side supports you will be set and really really safe for that special event. In 500 packs on tracks I broke 1 arm and 3 support struts. In total!)

(Patterns to 3D print your own official parts will be uploaded to Thingiverse and tagged ASTATframe, as well as sold if you cant print them yourself. One ASTAT pilot has made a GoPro case that will be found on there soon. He’s using it as a freestyler. I will add the official print files the days after the realease of the frame. Add yours if you make any!)

(even the holes for the 30*30mm stack bolts are lowered so use stack bolts with “cone heads”. Only the bolt holes for small 20*20mm stacks, are not lowered)

Kit Includes:

  • A complete frame with support struts for front and sides. (back can be added)
  • Stand offs
  • All bolts needed for stand offs plus the longer than usual bolts needed to mount motors

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