Azure – Tiny Durable Props – 3060 (Clear)

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Speed & Control is what makes up FPV Racing. Since the inception of the new Azure Power props, special attention was paid to fluid mechanics.The Azure Powers unmistakably unique shape and curves make for a very powerful combination. Additionally, the stall angle of attack was taken into consideration for the best balance of power throughout the entire RPM range.

What does this mean? More power across the RPM range of the motor for more overall efficiency.


Power, efficiency, & speed mean nothing with a fragile prop! To this extent, we have taken durability to a new level. Starting with a clean slate, we have designed a propeller-like no other. The focus was directly on a design that is resistant to contact damage and makes sure you keep flying and finish the race.


The new Azure power Race prop brings smoother and increased responsiveness to the pilot. Ensuring precise performance at high speed. Expect improved feel and response in extreme cornering and change of direction. Wingtip changes now reduce the prop-wash, while efficiency is improved. This creates a more stable flying at all speeds.


Type 30600301
Collection TDP
Length 3.0″
Pitch 6.0″
Number of Blades 3 Blades
Material Polycarbonate
Color Clear
Rotation CW & CCW
Weight 1.7g
Hub ID 5mm
Barcode(UPC) 193220306011
Barcode(EAN) 6970726853614
Includes 2x CCW Propellers, 2x CW Propellers