ScreaM-X (4s) – 5inch

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There once was a time…. a crazy time.

When even colors  screamed – enough to make your eyes go deaf

It was the 80s and I was in love with Motocross, and they really took this as far as they could,

And then went a few steps too far,.Well seen from any time but that one at least.

During those years you could (even as a Swede!) stop and down a beer during a world championship race and end up NOT getting disqualified- but even more celebrated. Like “Carla” did below 😀

It was wonderful madness.

Im  making these Quads during the coming months and named them ScreaM-X as the color scheme I locked into really made me flash back to a period when the world was truly mad, and all my heroes dressed in screamin yellow, green and pink.


Screaming colors, high KV’s with low pitch in a light (close to) true X-frame.

A light, true X build is not the first thing you think about when going out freestyling, other choices make more sence.

Sence is not a major ingredient in fun though, so these things are hilarious! – without really making sence. :p

Like with a racer you just know you can hit any gap. at any time flying it.

And with this low pitch cinematic props and very high KV you can do any trick smoothly without the light build being apparent on camera. Lots of power with less direct grip takes care of that.

It’s fun compressed and refined!

I just love flying these… and have for over a year now. More than any other kind of quad.

The first ones out is for 4s. They have 4s 2700kv motors, 342 true grams (with props and strap), GoPro prepaired and delivered with JohnnyProps (+ extra pack)

These will stay in the store during the spring of -20 at least, and might show up in a 6s version.

Wrapped in colors that wont be hushed. Or missed… Or lost

Tuned individually with exra attention to the filters. These will be high rpm builds after all.

I have 500 batteries on my own (have 2) during 2018 and 2019 and I love these things so much.

Simple design makes them easy to repair in most cases and if you rather just fly DroneSportz will ofc help you out.

Try one of these, I see them as the Supermotos of quads. Inpractical, perfect for nothing but good at everything.

More than anything they are just fun to fly!

Battery below and Go pro on top will give it remarkable balance and makes the gopro just vanish in the over all feel in the sticks, You will be hard pressed to even feel it mounted, That has made me have to look for GoPros for hours after dropping them without knowing a couple of times.

That balance and light build make these perfect for filming quad racing tracks with, like here:

It will really shine doing close proximity freestyling though. Or on late night missions, It hits what you aim for.


Frame: TQF CK-X

Motors: Hobbywing X Rotor 2207 2650kv

Flight Controller: Viva F4 AIO (FC/PDB-combo)

ESCs: 4x  Flycolor X-Cross BL32 35A (with leds)

VTX: FRSKY VS600 RED (25-600mW, control with LUA-script or button)

FPV Cam: Runcam Swift3 (with camera control from radio)

Props: Azure Johnny Props (4838)

rx: xm+ (150kr), r XSR (250kr), CRSF nano (300kr)

3D Prints:  Arm ends/motor soft mounts, sma antenna holder, spacers, top plate/action cam mount


Tuned and ready with generic freestyle and racing rates set up


…Delivered with 2 packs of props and your choice of reciever…