Stack mount 30×30 (frame for XM+, Crsf nano, r xsr ed)

39,00kr inkl moms/VAT included


Contact for other prints, we’re happy to print patterns for you. What you find in the shop is just what we keep stocked because of steady demand 


Printed in stiff Flex (98A)


Colors might vary on whats already printed.

I will usually have white and Black ready, but there might be green, Silver grey, and Blue ready as well. Gimme a call if you’re after something in particular.


Stack mount (30x30mm) for VTX, RX.

Walls frame in an area that has openings forward (cords in) and back (antennas out)

Works well to put rx on one side and VTX in compact builds.

No need to use nuts to hold top card in place. This print will hold your stack in place. Just press it on.